1. Add item for sale:

Select any of available item for sale and it will appear on left hand side of above sale screen. User have option to increase its quantity and select multiple items for sale.

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Select customer Select customer here from search field or add from here to record sale against customer. By default, sale is recording against walk-in customer.
2 Select item Select item from here to sale.
3 Change quantity Increase or decrease item quantity from here.
4 Delete item Delete item from sale screen by clicking on delete button from here.

2) Pay against sale:

When user click on the pay button a pop appear to receive payment against the sale invoice, payment can be receive through cash or other payment methods which is active.

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Pay button Click on pay button to pay against sale.
2 Cash Select this button to pay in cash.
3 Other payment methods All payment methods added from setups appears here.
4 Done Button Click on done button to pay against sale.

i) Hold invoice:


Click on hold button to hold a sale. It can be retrieved for sale again.

ii) Retrieve Sales:

Hold invoices can also be reopened from retrieve sales on dashboard for sale.

By clicking on Retrieve sales button customer order can be re-opened for sale.

iii) Apply Discount:

By clicking on discount button user will get two option either via coupon code or apply discount in percentage. Coupon code setup is coming from inventory module setups. User type the code and get discount calculation as per given on coupon code.

Second option is applied discount in percentage. It is simple. Discount is applied in percentage against whole invoice.

a) Coupon code discount:


Apply discount percentage window:

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Coupon Radio button, if selected user have to type coupon code be input field.
2 Discount Radio button, if selected user has to give discount in percentage on input field.
3 Get discount By clicking on this button user will get discount against valid coupon code.
4 Update Button to apply discount against valid coupon code.
5 Close Button to close window without saving any entry.

iv) Sale against customer:

By default invoice is generated against Walk-in customer, but user can fetch customer from search or create new customer from POS Sale screen.

v) Search product:

User can search product by bar code. Enter bar code of the product to add it for sale.

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Search product Input field to search product by entering bar code here.
2 Add Button to select product for sale.


vi) Sales list:

All sales against store can be viewed at sale list page.

Click on sale list button to view all sale invoices.

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Customer Input field to enter customer name for search purpose.
2 Invoice number Input field to enter invoice number for search purpose.
3 Received Amount Input field to enter received amount for search purpose.
4 Date from Input field (Calendar) to select “Date from” for search purpose.
5 Date to Input field (Calendar) to select “Date to” for search purpose.
6 Mobile Input field to enter mobile number for search purpose.
7 Search Button to show result against search criteria.

vii) Inventory:

All inventory available against selected store is listed here. If no store is selected than it will show all inventory items those are available in inventory list. Exports is also available in pdf and excel format.


viii) Refund:

Refund is an important functionality for any kind of retail store. User can refund invoice completely or partially within three days limit after sale. Here is refund screen view in below images.

ix) Refund Invoice:

For refund, search with invoice number in above screen, after that search product on right hand input field with bar code. Product quantity can’t be exceeded from sale invoice in refund. Invoice can be completely refunded or partially refunded.

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Search by invoice number Input field to enter invoice number for refund.
2 Search button Button to get sale invoice detail against entered invoice number.
3 Search product Input field to enter product bar code from sale invoice.
4 Add button Button to get product and its quantity for refund.
5 Back button Button to redirect user on dashboard page.
6 Refund button Button to refund the product with its given quantity.


Below screen shows total refund on dashboard against selected store.