In Welcome Screen, Select POS and then select dashboard.

POS > Dashboard, Pop up will appear and all assigned stores to the user will show in the store field drop down.

  1. Click apply button to select particular store.

after selection of the store following screen will appear

Fields definitions of above view screen are as follow:

Sr. # Field Name Field Definition
1 Change Store Using this option store can be changed to other store.
2 Today Total Order This field shows the total order on daily basis.
3 Today Total Sale It shows the total sales on daily basis.
4 Customer Count Total no of customer appeared here
5 Total Refunds Sales return or amount return to customer will be appeared here.
6 Sale by Store It is graphical presentation of sale on weekly basis.
7 POS Point of sales used to create cash invoice to customer.
8 Retrieve Sales It is used to find pending or void invoice for sale.
9 Sales List It shows the all list regarding sale through different aspects.
10 Inventory It redirect to the inventory item listing screen.
11 Cashier History It shows the cashier open time and cash closing time.
12 Close Cashier This functionality used to close cash activity at the day end.
13 Refund Invoice This option utilized at time of returning any amount to customer
14 Periodic Sales Here monthly data will be represent in graphical form
15 Periodic Sales VS Refund This graph shows the monthly sales against refund.
16 5 Best Selling Items Top five best-selling brand can be seen here.