In Welcome Screen, Select POS and then select Direct Receiving.

Direct receiving is a concept of receiving item directly from a near location for sale. From here user can directly record entry for receive inventory and start its sale.

Direct Inventory Receiving Listing:

The list view screen of create gives options to add new direct inventory along with a detailed tabular form of listed direct inventory. This list view included all inventory information such as date, transaction id, vendor name, number of Items and total after tax. Action button provide Edit option to the user. The listing can be downloaded in Excel and PDF format.

1.     Add New Direct Inventory Receiving:


Field definition table of above form are as under:

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Date * Input field to select date for receiving.
Store * Drop down field to Select store for receiving items.
Site * Drop down field to Select site for receiving items.
Warehouse * Drop down Select warehouse for receiving items.
Vendors * Drop down field Select vendor.
Receive item Button to save record of receiving items.