Our teams (Admin User):

In this list view  admin user can allow to user for multi login and can change the status of users active or Inactive. Admin user can change the password of any user.

Add New Admin User:


Field definition of above form are as under:

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Select package Select package from drop down which admin user is created
Select role Define the role of a user
Employee name / email Enter the employee name and email who have access to use different managerial roles
Password / confirm password Enter the unique password first and then confirm password to match the previous entered password
Require change password  If admin user check in the option yes to require change password then  user have access to change the password in the next sign in
Send details in email If send details in email check is on then email send systemically and vise versa
Activation via email Activation via email check is on then email are send systematically


Click on  create button then new  user is created