In Welcome Screen, Select POS and then selected setups and then selected setting and then store.

This could be an electric cash register or an integrated computer system which records the data that comprises a business transaction for the sale of goods or services. A POS System is the hardware and software used to record the financial transactions of a retail store.

Store Listing:

The list view screen of Stores create gives options to add new stores along with a detailed tabular form of stores. This list view included all stores information such as store name, store address, country, city, e-mail, phone number and Status. Action column provide edit and delete options. On above screen,Export Excel and Export in PDF options are also available.

Add New Store:

Field definition table of above form are as under:

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Store Name * Enter Store name
Store Address 1 * Enter store Address 1
Store Address 2 * Enter Store Address 2
Country * Select Country
City * Select City
Time Zone Select Time Zone
Currency * Select Currency type
Zip Code Enter Zip code
Email * Enter Email
Phone * Enter phone
Site * Enter Sites
Ware house * Enter ware house
Logo Select Image
Create Store Click create store option